Company Highlights

• CFR is a solar developer with a track record of more than 1GW of solar projects developed in Italy for SunRay Renewable Energy, SunPower Corporation, Octopus Investments, KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG, EOS INVESTMENT and others and with a specific experience in utility scale projects developed in clusters with common users substation to minimize costs.
• CFR has been the first in Europe to develop and manage the construction of a pipeline in Italy of 170MW + 54MW of solar plants in grid parity.
• CFR has a success rate of 90% of project developments brought to permitted/shovel ready stage and, of those, there is a 100% success rate of construction and connection.

Track Record – Developed Solar Plants in FiT Regime and G.P.

 August 2008 - 24 Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro (VT)
 November 2008 - 600Kwp of PV Plant in Tarquinia(VT)
 November 2008 - 250Kwp of PV Plant in Tarquinia(VT)
 April 2009 - 10Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro(VT)
 July 2009 - 12Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro(VT)
 August 2009 - 60Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro(VT)
 June 2010 - 26,26Mwp of PV Plant in Lanuvio(RM)
 July 2010 - 5Mwp of PV Plant in Pofi(FR)
 August 2010 - 25Mwp of PV Plant in Aprilia(RM)
 December 2010 - 71Mwp of PV Plant in Tuscania(VT)
 December 2010 - 24Mwp of PV Plant in Sermoneta(LT)
 September 2010 - 15Mwp of PV Plant in Anguillara(RM)
 April 2011 - 11 Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro (VT)
 August 2011 - 12Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro(VT)
 September 2011 - 45Mwp of PV Plant in Civita Castellana(VT)
 October 2011 - 44Mwp of PV Plant in Montalto di Castro(VT)
 2016 MontaltodiCastro(VT)-13.3MWp
 2016 MontaltodiCastro(VT)-9.95MWp
 2016 MontaltodiCastro(VT)–13.1MWp
 2016 MontaltodiCastro(VT)12.9MWp
 2016 Montalto di Castro (VT)–13.830MWp
 2017 Macchiareddu(CA)-6.7MWp
 2017 Macchiareddu(CA)-11MWp
 2017 Macchiareddu(CA)- 8.8MWp
 2017 Macchiareddu(CA)- 9.3MWp
 2017 CivitaCastellana(VT)-14.6MWp 
 2017 Civita Castellana(VT) - 9.3MWp 
 2017 Viterbo-12.0MWp
 2017 Macchiareddu(CA)-40MWp
 2018 Macchiareddu(CA)-54.5MWp
 2019 Tuscania(VT)-150MWp
 2019 Montalto di Castro(VT)-90MWp
 2020 Viterbo-81,9MWp

Raffaello Giacchetti


2006-2020 CEO of CFR srl, solar Business Development Companies in Italy.

2011-2020 CEO of Valan srl a Real Estate Company in Italy. Managing different assets in the hospitality business (nursing homes, residential and commercial properties)

2013-2020 COO of Omnia Srl, a renewables operation & maintenance Company with 200+MW under management in Italy

2011-2020 Managing Director of Re Lion LLC a Real Estate company in MIAMI (USA) (development and management of real estate assets)


Our successful approach

- A highly qualified interdisciplinary team in house, capable of delivering fully permitted projects;

- A constant and positive interaction with the permitting authorities and local communities to ensure the project is welcome in the local geographical and social environment;

- Established relationship with National and Local Grid Operators to ensure efficient and timely acheivement of the grid connection of the projects;

- A track record of 1GW of solar projects developed, built, financed - Hands on Construction Management

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